Jackie Glazer Takes Down First Bracelet of 2013 World Series of Poker Europe

Published on October 13th, 2013 4:16 pm EST

The King is focused on his computer - reporting latest news from EPT and WSOPE1. Robin Ylitalo Wins EPT London Main Event.

Robin Ylitalo navigated through a field of over 600 players to take down the EPT London main event on Saturday evening.

After nearly six full days of play, the final two combatants in the event were Ylitalo and Georgios Karakousis. Karakousis decided to make his final stand holding As-6d, but Ylitalo woke up with Ac-Kc. The board ran out 2s-5h-5c-8c-Jh, giving Ylitalo the pot and the win in the tournament.

Here is how the final table of the event ended up finishing out:

1. Robin Ylitalo, £560,980
2. Georgios Karakousis, £349,200
3. Leo McClean, £249,850
4. Ludovic Geilich, £193,340
5. Jeff Rossiter, £152,320
6. Stefan Vagner, £119,225
7. Jan Olav Sjavik, £88,175
8. Kully Sidhu, £60,640
9. Martin Kozlov, £47,750


2. Jason Lavallee Wins EPT London High Roller.

Jason Lavallee outlasted the likes of Sorel Mizzi and David "Devilfish" Ulliott to take down the EPT London High Roller event for £357,700.

The final hand of the event saw an extremely short stacked Simon Higgins commit the last of his chips holding Kc-Jc. Dominant chip leader Jason Lavallee flipped over Ac-9s.

The flop looked promising for Higgins, as it came 2c-3s-6c. However, the eventual second place finisher would receive no more help, as the board ran out Td-Qs.

The final table ended up finishing out like this:

1. Jason Lavallee, £357,700
2. Simon Higgins, £242,330
3. Sorel Mizzi, £161,560
4. Carla Sabini, £132,320
5. Tamer Kamel, £106,170
6. David "Devilfish" Ulliott, £82,315
7. Luca Pagano, £60,930
8. Mark Teltscher, £44,775
9. Talal Shakerchi, £35,695


3. Jackie Glazer wins €1,100 WSOPE Ladies NLHE Event.

Jackie Glazer took down the first bracelet event of the 2013 World Series of Poker earlier this weekend.

Glazer managed to navigate through a 65 player field to take down the event for €21,850. This was the first time that a bracelet was ever offered for a Ladies event at the WSOPE.

Here is how the event ended up finishing out:

1. Jackie Glazer, €21,850
2. Maryline Valente, €13,500
3. Laurie Bismuth, €8,950
4. Celine Bastian, €6,330
5. Nathalie Odet, €4,770
6. Sherry Lindsey, €3,800
7. Gaelle Baumann, €3,200


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