Ramage Picks Up $502,165, WCOOP Main Event Seat With Victory

Published on August 5th, 2014 4:01 am EST

World Championship of Online Poker - WCOOP - Challenge SeriesThe WCOOP Challenge Series on Pokerstars, which was designed to serve as an appetizer for the upcoming 2014 WCOOP, wrapped up earlier tonight.

The WCOOP Challenge Series main event, which was a $2,100 NLHE event with three re-entries per player, ended up easily surpassing its $2 million guarantee. 1,243 entries and 256 re-entries ended up contributing to a prize pool of $2,998,000, with the eventual winner taking home $502,165 and a seat to the upcoming WCOOP main event.

It was a marathon victory for Grayson "gray31" Ramage, as he managed to outlast over 1,200 players and two gruelling days of play to take down the $502,165 first place prize. The final hand of the event came with Ramage holding a 5.5-1 chip lead over Andreas Hogh of Denmark. Hogh moved all-in over the top of a pre-flop raise from Ramage, and Ramage decided to make the call. The two players flipped over:

"gray31" - Kd-Ts
"Hoegh93" - As-Js

The flop was an interesting one as it came 6s-7c-8d. Hogh was still ahead in the hand, though Ramage now had a gutshot straight draw.

The turn brought the 9d, giving Ramage the 10-high straight and the lead in the hand. Hogh was down to just three outs as he needed one of the remaining 10s in the deck to make a higher straight.

The river brought the 7s, giving Ramage the victory and the $502,165 first place prize.


Here is how the final table ended up finishing out:

1st - "gray31", $502,165
2nd - "Hoegh93", $367,255
3rd - "guyguy12", $277,315
4th - "weekesy333", $203,864
5th - "daskalos20", $146,902
6th - "GR8MIND", $116,922
7th - "SsicK_OnE", $86,942
8th - "p0cket00", $56,962
9th - "Festivuss", $30,879.40

Canada did especially well at the final table, as four of the final table participants hailed from Canada.


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