"Polarizing" Up $685,468 Over 16,419 Hands

Published on November 19th, 2014 9:20 pm EST

Phil Ivey - Cabo San Lucas - Playing Poker on Mac LaptopA familiar name is on top of the online high stakes cash game results so far this month.

Phil "Polarizing" Ivey, who is currently involved in a couple of high stakes court battles, is leading the way in high stakes online cash games so far this month with a total profit of $685,468. Ivey has been uncharacteristically active on Full Tilt Poker in November, having logged a total of 16,419 over the first 18 days of the month.

Ivey has likely been itching to return to poker following his recent court appearance in London. Ivey and his team of lawyers unsuccessfully sued Crockfords after the casino refused to pay out his winnings after a long game of Punto Banco. The casino alleged that Ivey and his associate were using "edge sorting" to gain an edge and that this constituted cheating. Ivey admitted that he was edge sorting but that it is a legal tactic - the judge disagreed and sided with Crockfords. Ivey and his lawyers are now appealing the ruling.

Despite his positive results in November, Ivey is still down $1.8 million on the year at Full Tilt Poker.


Some of the other names who have had strong months in November include:

"EireAbu", +428k
"Saniker", +387k
"GVOZDIKA55", +235k
"bbvisbadforme", +200k


With Gus Hansen no longer frequenting Full Tilt Poker, the list of the biggest losers in November is pretty tame. Here are the top 5 losers for the month:

"punting-peddler", -229k
"IReadYrSoul", -111k
"Exclusive", -102k
"AthaCliath", -98k
"ajve_xx", -39k


With Full Tilt Poker recently giving Viktor Blom and Gus Hansen the boot, the high stakes action on the site has noticeably dried up.

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