Hansen Continues To Add To His Staggering Losses on Full Tilt Poker

Published on December 27th, 2014 6:52 pm EST

The King is scratching his head confused about Gus HansenFormer "Team Full Tilt" and "The Professionals" player Gus Hansen made his triumphant return to Full Tilt Poker this past week.

Hansen, who parted ways with Full Tilt Poker earlier this year, had been absent from the site since Amaya elected not to renew his sponsorship deal. Instead of slugging it out on the virtual felt, Hansen was reportedly sitting in some of the biggest cash games in Macau after cutting ties with Full Tilt.

This changed this past week when Hansen decided to sit on both Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars (as "broksi"). Fellow members of the high stakes cash game rejoiced at the reappearance of Hansen, as he has lost a staggering amount of money on Full Tilt Poker over the past number of years.

The story remained the same for Hansen as he ended up donating even more of his bankroll. The damage? A loss of $311,661 over 709 tracked hands on Full Tilt Poker and a loss of $72,709 over 1,548 tracked hands on Pokerstars.


According to HighStakesDB.com, Hansen is down over $20 million ($20,650,701 to be exact) on Full Tilt Poker since the tracking site started recording hands.

Hansen has played a total of 1,567,832 tracked hands on Full Tilt Poker over that time, meaning that he has lost roughly $13.17 on every hand that he has played.

It's safe to say that his opponents are hoping that Hansen sticks around for a while.

Source: HighStakesDB.com


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