Richard Lyndaker, Brian Rast Still Alive in Event

Published on January 30th, 2015 7:58 pm EST

Aussie Millions - Asia Pacific Poker Tour - Tournament LogosSeven of the original 600+ entrants in the 2015 Aussie Millions Main Event are still alive heading into the final day of play on Sunday.

Leading the pack will be James Rann, who finished Day 4 with a stack of just over 4 million in chips. Here are the seven final table participants:

1. James Rann, 4,085,000
2. Joel Douaglin, 3,935,000
3. Lennart Uphoff, 3,595,000
4. Anthony Legg, 3,290,000
5. Manny Stavropoulos, 2,115,000
6. Richard Lyndaker, 1,200,000
7. Brian Rast, 1,185,000

All seven players are guaranteed a minimum of $160,000 AUD for making it to the final day of play. The winner will take home $1,600,000 AUD, while the runner-up will walk away with $1,000,000.


A number of prominent players fell on Day 4, including Phil Ivey, who eventually finished in 23rd place for $40,000 AUD.

Ivey's final hand came during a confrontation against Australian Anthony Legg. The two players got all-in after a flop of 4h-Qh-3h and turned over:

Ivey - Qd-Kh
Legg - Ah-Kd

Ivey was ahead with his pair of Queens though Legg held the nut flush draw. The turn brought the 9 of Hearts and Ivey was sent to the rail in 23rd place.


The main event will have a day off on Saturday and return on Sunday afternoon local time. Saturday will feature the conclusion of the $100,000 Challenge, which is currently being led by Ole Schemion.


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