Rast Takes Home $7,525,000 For The Victory

Published on July 5th, 2015 8:08 am EST

Super High Roller Bowl 2015 - Tournament logoBrian Rast outlasted many of the top poker players in the world to take down the $500,000 Super High Roller Bowl for $7,525,000 earlier tonight. With his victory, Rast now has well over $15.5 million in total lifetime tournament cashes and continues to add to his incredible poker resume.

As mentioned, many of the top players in the world, including the likes of Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu, turned out to play in this event. The World Series of Poker is currently ongoing right now, but the $500,000 Super High Roller Bowl managed to steal away much of the spotlight from the WSOP.

There was an incredible amount of money on the line in this event, as the top 7 spots paid a minimum of $860,000, while the winner taking home $7,525,000 and the runner-up receiving $5,160,000.


The final hand of the event saw an out-chipped Scott Seiver elect to make his final stand holding pocket Fives. Rast called Seiver's pre-flop shove and turned over As-9s. Prior to the hand getting underway, Rast had approximately 15.5 million in chips, while Seiver was down to 6.1 million.

The flop brought 9d-2c-Qh, giving Rast a pair of Nines and the lead in the hand. The turn (King of Diamonds) and river (6 of Diamonds) were no help to Seiver, and he was eliminated from the event in second place.

This had clearly been Rast's night, as he put a bad beat on Connor Drinan to eliminate his unlucky opponent in third place. Drinan had gotten his stack in good pre-flop against Rast, as his pocket Queens were up against Rast's pocket Eights. After a flop that helped neither player, an eight came on the turn and Drinan was sent to the rail. Rast used the momentum generated from this hand to eventually propel himself to victory.


Here is how the tournament ended up finishing out:

1st - Brian Rast, $7,525,000
2nd - Scott Seiver, $5,160,000
3rd - Connor Drinan, $3,225,000
4th - Timofey Kuznetsov, $2,150,000
5th - David Peters, $1,505,000
6th - Tom Marchese, $1,075,000
7th - Erik Seidel, $860,000


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