Published on July 9th, 2007 5:29 pm EST

After hanging out in Vegas for over a month and talking to just about everyone in the online and live poker world, I came to a number of realizations:

king is concerned about multi-accounting still being a problem in online poker1. Many poker players are broke and in debt.

2. The amount of money owed is staggering.

3. The truly successful and well-off players are the ones who were smart enough to start up other businesses (except for a few exceptions).

4. Multi-accounting is still a very big problem.

Multi-accounting is a problem and no one wants to talk about it. I'm certainly not pointing out anyone in particular in this article; that's not my job. However, many well-respected players in the online poker world are either very well aware of multi-accounting that is going on, or they are participating in it themselves.

There are various shades of gray. You had the egregious multi-accounting that I heard about and heard people brag about. Well-known players entering multiple accounts in big online tournaments, and then bragging about how they would never be caught. If you think Zeejustin and JJProdigy were the last of the multi-accounters, you are kidding yourselves.

Then you have a well-known player backing a lesser known player and basically coaching the lesser known player through a major final table (I witnessed this first hand.) Is this right?

Or how about players in an epic cash game switching in and out without the other player in the online cash game knowing? If you are embroiled in an epic 10 hour heads up cash game, is it fair to have multiple people switching in and out and playing on the same account without the other participant knowing?

Or how about guys openly soft-playing each other?

Or how about a well-known online player purchasing the account of a lesser known player with about two dozen people left in a major Sunday tournament? If I am in that tournament, and suddenly the person to my left isn't the average Sunday donkey but a top-ranked player, is this fair?

Man oh man. Leaving Vegas soon and I can't believe how bad of a taste the entire trip left in my mouth.

One word comes to my mind as I leave Vegas. "Shady."


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