Published on July 14th, 2007 6:51 pm EST

Just last week, we posted an article that said that multi-accounting was still a huge problem in the online poker world, and some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry were still participating in the practice. If you think that the practice ended with Zeejustin and JJProdigy getting caught, you are sorely mistaken.

A couple of more names have been found out by Pokerstars as being multi-accounters or collusionists and have been banned. One of those is the player who goes by the name of "redsoxsox."

If you do a thepokerdb search for "redsoxsox", you will see that he had a period of absolute dominance on PokerStars. Well come to find out, that redsoxsox was either operating two accounts while in the same tournament, or was colluding with a friend. Either way, "redsoxsox" was reported to Pokerstars by Actionjeff, and was eventually banned from Pokerstars. Apparently there was some extremely suspicious behavior that drew the suspicion of numerous people, and eventually led to a banning.

Now, we aren't going to point fingers at people who haven't yet been banned from Pokerstars; these people know that what they are doing is wrong, and eventually they will be caught. We will only report on those people who have been caught and busted by Pokerstars.

Needless to say, multi-accounting is still alive and well, and being perpetrated by some of the biggest names in online poker. The temptation is just too high for some people; you need to be aware that multi-accounting is still alive and well, and you should report any suspicious behavior when you see it. It's a shame that people who have a ROI in the hundreds of % feel the need to pad their pockets even more, but I guess that is human nature.


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