Samantha Abernathy Wins Hand After Getting Slowrolled

Published on January 29th, 2016 2:06 pm EST

The King is holding a red microphone in his hand and giving a report on poker etiquette - Samantha Abernathy on TVEverybody knows that it is terrible etiquette to slowroll somebody in poker. Ever since "Rounders" was released all the way back in 1998, the vast majority of people have come to know that slowrolling somebody is neither cool, funny or appropriate at a poker table.

Earlier today at the 2016 Aussie Millions main event, Mikel Habb decided that he would slowroll Samantha Abernathy. After a raise from an opponent in early position and a re-raise from Habb, Abernathy elected to push all-in holding pocket Sixes. The original raiser folded, leaving Habb to act. Habb, who had been dealt pocket Kings and obviously wasn't folding (he had less than 500k in chips left and the pot was already well over 700k), decided to "Hollywood" for about a minute before finally deciding to make the call. After posturing and putting head in his hands, Habb triumphantly made the call and then glared over at Abernathy. The commentators were incredulous as Habb started to celebrate.

After a flop of 10-Q-9, Habb pointed at the sky. He continued to hold the pose as the 10 of hearts was dealt on the turn.

The river, however, brought some sweet justice in the form of the 6 of spades. Abernathy won with her full house, sixes full of 10s, and Habb was left to collect his $85,000 winnings and exit the tournament area.


Here is a clip of the hand:


Samantha Abernathy will be participating in the Aussie Millions main event final table this weekend, while Habb will be left to wonder about what might have been had he not upset the poker gods.


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