Engel Takes Home $1,600,000 AUD For His Victory

Published on January 31st, 2016 1:45 pm EST

The King is holding a news conference, announcing the winner of the 2016 Aussie Millions poker tournamentAri Engel, known on online poker sites as "BodogAri" and as @RealAriEngel on Twitter, took down the 2016 Aussie Millions main event earlier today for $1,600,000 AUD. With his victory, Engel now has over $3.3 million USD in total lifetime live tournament cashes.

Ari Engel has been making his living as a professional poker player for many years. While many other players have come and gone, Engel has demonstrated a level of consistency in both live and online poker that is hard to match. Through the passage of UIGEA in 2006 and "Black Friday" in 2011, Engel has stayed consistent and racked up impressive numbers as he continues to travel the poker circuit.

Engel has had some impressive results along the way, but today was the high point of his career after he took down the Aussie Millions main event for roughly $1.1 million USD. It wasn't easy for Engel, as he needed over 100 hands to dispose of the eventual second place finisher, Tony Dunst. The final hand of the event came when Engel shoved all-in with the board reading 10s-4d-2h-Jc-9s. Dunst, after tanking for a significant period of time, elected to make the call with his pair of 4s, hoping desperately that Engel was on a bluff. Unfortunately for Dunst, Engel was holding top pair (Js-7c) and took down the tournament.


Here is how the final table of the event ended up finishing out:

1st - Ari Engel, $1,600,000
2nd - Tony Dunst, $1,000,000
3rd - Samantha Abernathy, $625,000
4th - Alexander Lynskey, $445,000
5th - Dylan Honeyman, $340,000
6th - Kitty Kuo, $270,000
7th - John Apostolidis, $210,000

*all amounts in AUD


The last major event of this year's Aussie Millions, the $250,000 Challenge, will conclude on Monday afternoon.


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