Published on July 16th 2007 3:29 pm EST

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas - LogoKevin "Belowabove" Saul has just booked the biggest win of his young poker career, winning $1.342 million dollars at the Bellagio Cup in Las Vegas. Saul outlasted Mike Matusow in heads up action. Matusow took home $671,320 for finishing in second place.

The final hand came down like this. After a flop of 10 6 5 with two clubs, all of the money got all-in. Saul had been slow-playing pocket Queens, and Mike Matusow had 8 / 7 of clubs for the open ended straight flush draw. The turn and river bricked out, and Saul took down the first place prize.

Saul's performance was especially impressive as he quickly lost the chip lead right near the beginning of play at the final table, and was down to about 1 million in chips before slowing chipping back up. Saul was a big chipleader heading into the final day of play, and was nearly eliminated after just a few hands of play, but didn't lose his composure and eventually came back to win.

Saul is known for his extremely aggressive play online, and has been very successful. "Belowabove", as he is known on Pokerstars, is one of the most feared and aggressive players in the high buy-in tournaments. His swollen bankroll will only serve to instill even more fear in his opponents, as he will now truly have no fear at the table.

Congratulations to Kevin; just the first of many more live wins in our opinion.


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