"Educa-p0ker" Up $637k in 2016

Published on March 7th, 2016 8:16 pm EST

The King is presenting the poker earnings list for the current yearAccording to HighstakesDB.com (link below), "Educa-p0ker" is the biggest online cash game winner in 2016, having won $637,917 over 22,582 tracked hands so far this year.

According to the site, the five biggest online cash game winners so far this year are:

"Educa-p0ker", $637,917
"Sauce123", $408,560
"Cobus83", $274,809
"Hhecklen", $124,221
"ChaoRen160", $97,914


On the opposite side of the ledger, three big names - Alexander Millar, Daniel Cates and Viktor Blom - have posted the largest online cash game losses so far this year. Alexander Millar, who cut ties with Pokerstars a few months ago after voicing his displeasure with the company's recent changes to its VIP rewards program, has posted the largest single loss so far in 2016, as he has dropped $552,294 through March 5th.

The list of the largest cash game losers so far this year looks like this:

"Kanu7", -$552,294
"w00ki3z.", -$242,695
"Isildur1", -$223,065
"candela2005", -$212,068
"40and7", -$175,332


The high stakes action on Pokerstars has been adversely impacted by the recent changes that the site has implemented. A number of high stakes regulars have sworn off the site completely, while others have scaled back their action. In addition, recent events such as the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure and Aussie Millions have occupied the time of many high stakes regulars.

Source: HighStakesDB.com


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