"bencb789" Outlasts Fedor Holz To Take Down First Place

Published on September 12th, 2016 5:32 pm EST

World Championship of Online Poker - Year 2016 - White backgroundAt a final table that was filled with sharks, "bencb789" of Sweden stood his ground, eventually taking down the $102,000 WCOOP Super High-Roller title for a deal-adjusted amount of $1,172,360.60.

In winning the title, "bencb789" was able to do something that hardly anybody has been able to do over the past 12 months - finish ahead of Fedor Holz in a tournament. Holz, who has been winning practically every tournament that he has been entering as of late, ended up finishing in second place in the event for $1,067,639.40.

In the final hand of the event, with the board reading 2s-6c-Kd-4c-10c, Holz, playing as "CrownUpGuy", pushed all-in holding Ac-3s. After a bit of thought, "bencb789" called and flipped over his Ks-4s for the victory.


Here is how the tournament ended up finishing out:

1st, "bencb789", $1,172,360.60
2nd, "CrownUpGuy", $1,067,639.40
3rd, "salfshb", $560,000.00


Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton was the unfortunate bubble boy of the event. Haxton looked to be in prime shape to receive a crucial double-up in a pre-flop, all-in confrontation against Holz, as Haxton was holding pocket Tens while Holz was holding 3d-5d. The flop came 8s-10d-6d, giving Haxton top set and Holz a diamond flush draw.

Given how well things have been going for Holz as of late, everybody knew what was next, as the river brought the Jack of Diamonds, giving Holz the pot. Haxton, who cut ties with Pokerstars earlier in the year, was sent to the rail in 4th place.


The $102,000 Super High-Roller event ended up attracting a total of 24 players and 28 entries (four re-entries), which created a total prize pool of $2,800,000.


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