"Purple Jacket" Still Up For Grabs in Championship Event

Published on September 19th, 2017 11:49 am EST

Poker Masters - Logo - Black lettering on white background.14 players, including the likes of Justin Bonomo, Daniel Negreanu and Fedor Holz, will be returning for Day #2 of the $100,000 "Poker Masters" Championship on Tuesday afternoon.

Registration has not yet closed, so the final payouts for the event haven't been announced as of yet. The winner of the event will be walking away with a payday of at least $1.5 million, which means that anybody who is still left in the event (or anybody who still plans on registering) could still walk away with the "Purple Jacket", which goes to the player who earns the most money over the course of the five event series.


Brian Rast finished Day 1 as the tournament chip leader, as he has 959k in chips heading into Day 2.

Here is the complete list of chip counts as of this moment:

1. Brian Rast, 959,000
2. Justin Bonomo, 780,500
3. Daniel Negreanu, 745,500
4. Steffen Sontheimer, 696,500
5. Fedor Holz, 662,500
6. Stefan Schillhabel, 539,000
7. Jake Schindler, 507,000
8. Ben Tollerene, 499,000
9. Seth Davies, 479,000
10. Dan Smith, 476,500
11. Christian Christner, 377,500
12. Dan Shak, 236,000
13. Stephen Chidwick, 69,500
14. Phil Hellmuth, 49,500

Phil Hellmuth joined late and was unable to get anything going. There are rumors about some other names late-regging on Tuesday, though interest will likely be minimal.


As of this moment, the race for the "Purple Jacket" looks like this:

1. Steffen Sontheimer, $1,221,000
2. Bryn Kenney, $1,085,000
3. Nick Schulman, $918,000
4. Brandon Adams, $819,000
5. Doug Polk, $612,000

Sontheimer is obviously in the driver's seat when it comes to taking down the "Purple Jacket", as he is at the top of the leaderboard and has a very healthy stack in the $100,000. The jacket is his to lose at this point.

Depending on how Sontheimer finishes, technically anybody who is still alive in the $100,000 event could win the "Purple Jacket" due to the $1.5 million+ first place prize.

Daniel Negreanu, for instance, has a large number of $50,000 side bets on the go that he could potentially win depending on how the $100,000 event finishes out. If Negreanu ends up winning the $100,000 event and the "Purple Jacket", he stands to win an estimated $1 million in side bets. If one of the players that Negreanu entered into a sidebet with ends up wearing the "Purple Jacket", Negreanu will owe that person $50,000.


Play in the $100,000 event continues later today.


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