Published on August 13th, 2007 8:53 pm EST

Brian Townsend - Things are not going his wayWhen the World Series of Poker started, Brian Townsend was on a major rush. Probably the rush of a lifetime. Not only was he absolutely murdering the high limit games on Full Tilt Poker, but he was winning substantial amounts of money in the big live games. First, he took apart Sam Farha in their heads-up NLH/PLO match, and then when the game opened to other players, Townsend continued his strong play. By all accounts, Townsend had cleared at least a couple of million dollars playing live in Vegas, and still found time to wreck the online games as well.

Then, the rush of a lifetime came to a screeching halt. You can pretty much pinpoint the turning point during a big hand that Townsend played live with Bobby Baldwin. Townsend decided before the hand that he was going to make a major bluff, but it didn't work out too well as Baldwin had flopped the nut straight. This was a $1.8 million dollar pot, and seemed to send Townsend into a tailspin.

Townsend decided to leave Vegas (I believe he left a small winner) and instead focus on the Full Tilt games that had offered him so much success. Well, he busted his online roll almost immediately, and then just recently announced that he would be wiring another million into his Full Tilt account.

Over the past few days, "sbrugby" took a beating on Full Tilt, and if the million dollars he wired in isn't gone, it's at least substantially depleted. This has left Townsend to say that he will be dropping down in levels and focusing more on the 6-max games for the time being, instead of the heads-up games.

Townsend has dropped down successfully before and rebuilt, only to come back and wreck the 300/600 game on Full Tilt. The question is, can he do it again?

The bigger question is: is Townsend really that good? Was Townsend just running really hot before, and how his results are starting to fall into line with how good of a player he is? Or is he a much better player than what he is showing now, and simply just running bad?


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