Doug Polk, Brian Rast, Dan Shak Among Those Featured on "Poker After Dark" This Week

Published on October 11th, 2017 9:15 pm EST

PokerGO - Pokerafterdark hashtag.It's "hybrid" week on "Poker After Dark", which airs via the PokerGo streaming service.

The "High Stakes Hybrid" format requires that all participants buy in for $100,000 - no more, no less.

The blinds for the "high stakes hybrid" freezeout start at $200/$400 and increase three times over the course of the night. The winner is the person who finishes with the biggest profit at the end of the night (Brian Rast was Tuesday's biggest winner, as he finished with a profit of over $44,000).

Due to the freezeout format, players who busted their $100,000 buy-ins were not allowed back into the game.


This week's line-up includes some notable names:

Doug Polk
Brian Rast
Dan Shak
Brandon Steven
Lauren Roberts
Jason Koon
Mike Baxter


One of the most notable hands of the night saw Lauren Roberts fold A-K on a King-high board - you can watch the hand below:


The action is currently ongoing on Day 2 of the three day "High Stakes Hybrid" battle on PokerGo.


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