Katz Outlasts Bonomo, Kenney and Negreanu at Final Table

Published on January 8th, 2018 11:45 pm EST

Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure - Logo on stylized background.Cary Katz won the first major tournament of 2018 earlier today when he outlasted a number of exceptional players to win the $100,000 Super High Roller event at the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure.

The tournament attracted a total of 48 entries, of which 12 were re-entries. This created a total prize pool of $4,737,600, with $1,492,340 going to the eventual winner.


The final table of the event was absolutely loaded with talent, as Cary Katz, Justin Bonomo, Bryn Kenney, Daniel Negreanu, Ivan Luca, Isaac Haxton and Sam Greenwood all made it through to the final day of play.

Katz, who started the final day of play with the shortest stack, managed to grind his way to the victory by making a number of well-timed plays.

When heads-up play between Bonomo and Katz began, Bonomo had a 6,695,000 to 5,305,000 chip lead.

The key hand between Bonomo and Katz came immediately, as Katz managed to flop trip 7s on a flop of Ah-7d-7s. Katz, who held 7c-4c, was far ahead of Bonomo, who had flopped a pair of Aces. This was a dream flop for Katz, and things would get even better on the river, as he rivered Quads. Bonomo, who had a full house, ended up shipping Katz a significant number of chips after Bonomo called a sizeable river bet.

The end of the tournament would come in the next hand, as Bonomo elected to move in for his remaining chips holding A-K offsuit. Katz held pocket Eights and elected to make the call. The board ran out 2s-9h-3s-Qs-Jh, giving Katz the pot and the tournament victory.

Bonomo, for his part, was left to wonder how his chip lead had been obliterated in just two hands.


Here is how the tournament ended up finishing out:

1st - Cary Katz, $1,492,340
2nd - Justin Bonomo, $1,077,800
3rd - Bryn Kenney, $686,960
4th - Daniel Negreanu, $521,140
5th - Ivan Luca, $402,700
6th - Isaac Haxton, $307,940
7th - Sam Greenwood, $248,720


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