Antonius Takes Home First Place Prize of €425,000

Published on February 11th, 2018 3:12 pm EST

Party Poker Live Tournament - Millions - Germany - 2018 logo.Patrik Antonius, who hasn't been seen or heard much from since Full Tilt Poker imploded, popped up at the partypoker MILLIONS Germany High Roller event to take down the first place prize of €425,000.

The tournament featured many of the top high stakes players in the world, though Antonius showed that he still has it by motoring his way through the field to take down the top prize.

Here is how the tournament ended up finishing out:

1. Patrik Antonius, €425,000
2. Joao Simao, €251,250
3. Renato Nowak, €175,000
4. Stefan Schillhabel, €125,000
5. Steve O'Dwyer, €100,000
6. Dietrich Fast, €75,000
7. Dominick Nitsche, €60,000


The final hand of the event came when Simao elected to shove the rest of his stack into a board that read 3s-Ad-Jh-10c-Kd.

Simao had rivered a set of Kings with his K-K, though unfortunately for him Antonius was sitting with the Broadway straight (Q-J). Antonius likely thought that they had the same hands when he flipped his hand over, though he was pleasantly surprised to discover that his opponent had a set of Kings.


Despite the fact that Patrik Antonius is widely regarded as one of the top poker players in the world, his victory in the partypoker MILLIONS Germany High Roller event represents one of the bigger tournament cashes of his career.

The reason? Antonius has long professed his preference for high stakes cash games, which is why he has been largely absent from the tournament circuit over the course of his career.

Might we see Antonius in more live tournaments going forward as a result of this win? Don't count on it.


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