"Lifestyle Series" Will Premier on February 26th

Published on February 22nd, 2018 9:04 pm EST

Poker GO - Super High Roller Club - Logos on black and white backgrounds.PokerGo, which is Poker Central's poker streaming service, is set to debut a new show later this week called "Super High Roller Club".

The show, which is the result of a partnership with "New York-based entertainment company Believe Entertainment Group", will showcase the "off-the-felt pursuits" of Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Antonio Esfandiari, Nick Schulman, Farah Galfond (wife of Phil Galfond) and Brandon Adams.

The show will be hosted by Ali Nejad, who also hosts Poker After Dark and the Super High Roller Bowl. According to the press release that was circulated earlier today, Nejad will follow the six personalities as they "talk and show off their passions aside from their love of the game of poker".

Here is a statement from Sam Simmons, vice president of content at Poker Central:

"This series will give viewers a glimpse inside the lives of poker's most notable high stakes players as they pursue their greatest non-poker passions. Fans will have the opportunity to watch the world's most interesting poker personalities experience the finest pursuits that Vegas has to offer - from sports, fashion to fine dining."


With this series, fans of the game of poker will be able to get access to the lives of some of the most famous (and successful) poker players in the world.

The series will debut on February 26th, with all six episodes being available for viewing as of that date.

Source: PokerCentral.com - Believe Entertainment and Poker Central Partner Up For "Super High Roller Club"


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