Published on August 31st, 2007 10:25 pm EST

EPT - European Poker Tour - Logo"Kaibuxxe" is extending his dominance of the online tables over to the live tables, as he is currently sitting atop the leaderboard after Day 3 of the EPT Barcelona.

As you would expect, Jedlicka amassed his chips through a combination of extremely aggressive play and picking off short stacks.

There are currently thirteen players left in the field (they were supposed to play down to 8 players tonight but ran out of time) who are competing for a first prize of over 1.1 million euros.

The final thirteen players include an impressive mix of online and live pros. Adam "Ajunglen7" Junglen is still alive in the event, as is Mohamad "TerrorfromSweden" Kowssarie.

Other players still left in the field in addition to the aforementioned players are:

-Mika Paasonen
-Mark Teltscher
-Tronde Eidsvig
-Sander Lylloff
-Juan Maceiras
-Voitto Rintala
-Greg Dyer
-Philip Yeh
-Patrick Bruel
-Davidi Kitai

With the level of aggression currently being seen, it should be a great couple of tables and I personally can't wait until we get down to the final table. One can only hope that Jedlicka and Kowssarie, two of the most talented and aggressive players in the world, will be at that final table.


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