Popular Streamer Takes Down Biggest Score of His Career

Published on May 14th, 2019 12:51 pm EST

One of the biggest poker streamers of today is building up a nice bankroll.  Thumbs up.Earlier this week, popular Twitch.tv streamer Matt Staples took down the biggest score of his career after finishing third in the Pokerstars "Sunday Million" for $92,812.18.

The score caps off an incredible multi-year run for Staples, as he has built his publicly viewable bankroll from just a couple of dollars to well over $160,000.

In addition, Staples has become one of the most popular poker streamers on Twitch.tv, and he has able to parlay his growing viewership into a sponsorship deal with party poker.


Prior to this past Sunday, Staples' bankroll was sitting at a little over $70,000.

One of the tournaments that he chose to enter for his "Sunday grind" was the Pokerstars Sunday Million (SCOOP 04-M), which had a buy-in of $215 and a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million.

The tournament would end up with a total of 6,632 entries, resulting in a total prize pool of $1,326,400.

Staples went about as far as he could in the tournament, as he was three-handed against two very big stacks. in the end, Staples decided to put it all in after a King high flop holding K-4, though his opponent snapped him off with A-K. The turn and river were both blanks, and Staples was sent to the rail with the biggest score of his career.


There is no doubt that Matt Staples is one of the biggest poker streamers on Twitch.tv now, as he has slowly but surely built up his numbers over the past four years.

Matt Staples got a tremendous amount of coverage after successfully completing the "Ultimate Sweat" with his brother, Jaime, though it has been his strong poker play over the past year or so that has really helped to propel Matt into the upper tier of poker streamers. If Lex Veldhuis and Parker Talbot are the end bosses of the Twitch.tv poker landscape, Matt Staples is surely on the next tier.


With Matt's bankroll swelling, it will be interesting to see if he jumps into the higher $500 and $1000 buy-in events.


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