Published on September 11th, 2007 5:49 pm EST

The King is holding his head - oh noAnother day, another underground poker game bust.

This time it was Michael Gracz, Chris Bell and 69 others that were busted, as police raided a private poker tournament that was taking place on Saturday night in North Carolina.

It sounds as though Chris Bell might potentially be in more trouble, as it appears as though police are saying that he was responsible for setting up the event, as they also charged him with operating a game of chance and possession of gaming tables. Other players were simply charged with misdemeanor gambling charges, which result usually in just a small fine.

Police swept in and seized over $70,000 in cash and a bunch of gambling related items, including poker tables and a roulette wheel.

20 officers were needed to apprehend and charge the 71 people in attendance.

I guess this begs the question: is this kind of enforcement really necessary? Is this a justified use of police resources? Do you feel as though the North Carolina Alchohol Law Enforcement agency is justified in making these kinds of busts?

Or should people be allowed to play poker with their own hard-earned money if they want to? If they aren't hurting anyone, what's the problem?

Is the government just pissed they are missing out on the tax revenues?


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