Leon Tsoukernik Outlasts Ivey To Win Event

Published on October 20th, 2019 11:26 pm EST

An old poker pro is still grabbing the headlines.  Still in the spotlight.Fans of Phil Ivey thought that he had another big win locked down for sure late Sunday evening/early Monday morning, as he had a big chip lead heads-up over Leon Tsoukernik in the King's 100k Short Deck event at King's Resort in the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately for Ivey and his fans, Tsoukernik was a double-up machine during heads-up play, ultimately dispatching Ivey in second place to claim the title.

29 of the top poker players in the world paid the €100,000 to take part in this event, which ended up producing a total prize pool of over €2.7 million. The top four spots ended up paying out, with the winner walking away with €1.1 million.


Phil Ivey has been in the news quite a bit as of late, and it has had to do mainly with his finances.

After losing a high-profile court case to the Borgata, the casino came looking for their money at the 2019 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. After cashing in the $50k PPC, the Borgata and their team of lawyers came looking for their money, ultimately seizing Ivey's cash. This has led to multiple court cases, as both Ivey and his team of backers are looking to get their money.

The King's 100k Short Deck event took place outside of the long arm of the Borgata's lawyers, so presumably Ivey will walk away with his €826,500 ($917,415) cash.


This cash is Ivey's second of the past week, as he also finished in 9th place in the 25k NLHE Short-Deck event for roughly $74k USD.

With Ivey's roughly $1 million USD in cashes over the past week, his fans are obviously hoping that he is now flush with cash and will participate more on the live poker tournament circuit.


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