Galfond Looking To Rebound Against "Venividi"

Published on January 26th, 2020 3:29 pm EST

A high stakes poker challenge has begun and the first results are in.Prior to the first "Galfond Challenge" getting underway, Phil Galfond said that he was anxious and eager to play some online high stakes cash games once again.

After all, Galfond has been very busy over the past couple of years, as he has started a family and an online poker site (Run It Once Poker). These two undertakings haven't left much time at all for high stakes cash games.

For that reason, you can forgive Galfond for being a bit rusty to start in the "Galfond Challenge". The high stakes world moves fast, and if you take a few years off, you are likely going to be far behind most of the competition.


This rust has translated into a €300,000 loss for Galfond to start his first "Challenge" against "Venividi".

As of this moment, the stats look like this:

Phil Galfond, -€293,729.01
Total Hands Played: 3,038
Total Hands Remaining: 21,962

Remember - if Galfond is down at the end of the 25,000 hand Challenge, he will be forced to pay "VeniVidi" an additional €200,000, on top of whatever he lost over the course of the 25,000 hands.

if Galfond manages to turn things around and finish positive over the course of the "Challenge", "VeniVidi" will need to cough up an additional €100,000.


There are a number of other players who are currently waiting in the wings to play Galfond, including Daniel "Jungleman" Cates and others.

After the way that things have started for Galfond against "Venividi", they are likely salivating at the opportunity to get their Challenges started.


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