"VeniVidi1993" a 1.59 Favorite To Win First "Galfond Challenge"

Published on April 1st, 2020 2:07 am EST

The update for the popular challenge is presented.  The match is evening out.It's truly been a tale of two Challenges so far in the first "Galfond Challenge".

After the first 10,000 hands of the "Galfond Challenge", Phil Galfond must have been wondering if coming out of semi-retirement was a mistake.

Galfond's opponent, "VeniVidi1993", absolutely destroyed Galfond out of the gate, moving out to an inconceivably large €900,000 lead. To make matters worse, Galfond was destroyed day after day in front of thousands of viewers on Twitch.tv.

Things got so bad for Galfond that he elected to pay some penalties to take some time off from the Challenge.

That time off worked wonders, as Galfond immediately started chipping away at the lead. The tables have now completely turned in the Challenge, with "VeniVidi1993" now seeming to be frustrated and off.

Whatever adjustments Galfond made have definitely paid off, as he now is within striking distance of completely eliminating the €900,000 deficit.


So where do things start as of right now? Here are the numbers:

"VeniVidi1993", +€154,287.93
Phil Galfond, -€154,287.93

Hands Played: 19,363
Hands Remaining: 5,637

So, Phil Galfond has over 5,000 hands to eliminate a €150k deficit.


PokerShares.com has posted odds for the Challenge as of this moment. "VeniVidi1993" is still the favorite to win, though his odds are rapidly shrinking:

Phil Galfond, 2.42
"VeniVidi1993", 1.59

These numbers mean that "VeniVidi1993" has implied odds of 63% to win the Challenge, which is a far cry from a month ago.

Source: PokerShares.com


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