Galfond Beats "VeniVidi" In Thrilling Match-Up

Published on April 12th, 2020 5:53 pm EST

The smallest of margins victory took place this weekend.  Next up...?Phil Galfond completed an improbable comeback today after narrowly defeating "VeniVidi" in the first "Galfond Challenge".

In the end, Galfond won by an incredibly small margin, as he ended up edging "VeniVidi" by €1,671.58 over the course of the 25,000 hand Challenge. Given that the stakes were €100/€200, Galfond ended up winning by a microscopically small amount.

Galfond was down heading into the final day of play on Sunday. With just a couple hundred hands left in the Challenge, Galfond was down by about €30,000 and seemed to be all but out.

Galfond, however, kept grinding and eventually erased the lead.

Here is the hand that decided the contest:

After this hand, Galfond was able to essentially fold his way to victory.

According to the terms of the agreement, "VeniVidi" will have to ship Galfond an additional €100,000.


The first Challenge was wildly successful for practically everyone involved.

Galfond was able to erase a €900,000 deficit to draw even in the Challenge, which helped to amp up the drama. The final day of the Challenge had over 22,000 simultaneous viewers on at one point, as the Challenge came right down to the wire.


There is no word as to who will be next in the Galfond Challenge, though Bill Perkins, Brandon Adams and Daniel Cates are just some of the names who have already committed to play.


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