2,006 Hands Played Over Course of Three Sessions

Published on May 1st, 2020 10:19 am EST

Here is the latest update on the popular Challenge numbers.A few things are jumping out after the first 2,006 hands of the third "Galfond Challenge":

1) "ActionFreak" is a much more aggressive player than "VeniVidi"

2) The swings in the third "Galfond Challenge" are going to be very large

3) Phil Galfond is running well and playing with a great deal of confidence

4) The third Galfond Challenge is not going to take much time to complete

After coming back to win a thrilling battle against "VeniVidi", Phil Galfond is currently battling two people at the same time - Bill Perkins and "ActionFreak".

The third "Galfond Challenge" will see Galfond and "ActionFreak" play a total of 15,000 hands of €150/€300 Pot Limit Omaha.

At the end of the Challenge, the loser will play the winner an additional €150,000 to satisfy the sidebet that has been made between the two players.


After finishing the second session essentially breakeven, Galfond and "ActionFreak" returned to the virtual felt for their third session earlier this week.

Things went phenomenally for Galfond, as he managed to make over €310k on the session.

Here are the current numbers for the third "Galfond Challenge":

Phil Galfond, +€303,065.10
"ActionFreak", -€303,065.10

Hands Played: 2,006
Hands Remaining: 12,994


There have already been numerous monster pots in this Challenge, as "ActionFreak" has lived up to his name.


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