Roughly 13,000 Hands of 15,000 Hand Challenge Have Now Been Played

Published on May 24th, 2020 2:41 pm EST

Cruising to Victory - Illustration.The first "Galfond Challenge" between Phil Galfond and "VeniVidi" had everything. Galfond getting smoked early. Galfond temporarily pausing the "Challenge" to reflect on his play and deciding whether or not to quit. Galfond deciding to re-start. Galfond making up a deficit of roughly €900,000 to come back and win on the very last day.

The first "Galfond Challenge" was everything that the third "Galfond Challenge" isn't.

The third "Galfond Challenge", which is pitting Phil Galfond against "ActionFreak", hasn't had much in the way of drama.

As a matter of fact, Galfond has been up the vast majority of the Challenge and seems to be cruising to victory.

The "Challenge" between Galfond and "ActionFreak" is set to last 15,000 hands, and we are now approaching the 13,000 hand mark.

As of this moment, Galfond is enjoying a lead of roughly €330,000, and "ActionFreak" just isn't able to get anything going.

There haven't been any truly big pots as of late, as Galfond seems content to just grind "ActionFreak" into the ground.

With the number of hands left in the "Challenge" slowly ticking down, Galfond will likely be content to play smaller pots and avoid higher variance situations.

In short, "ActionFreak" needs to get something going soon, as he risks losing the "Challenge" over the next couple of days.


Per the terms of the "side bet", Galfond will walk away with an additional €150,000 from "ActionFreak" if he is able to hold on and win the third "Galfond Challenge".

This would give Galfond a perfect 3-0 record in "Galfond Challenges" if he is able to win, if we include his "Mini Galfond Challenge" win against Daniel Cates.

In addition to continuing his Challenge against Bill Perkins, Galfond also has future battles against Chance Kornuth, Daniel Cates and Brandon Adams lined up.


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