Cates Responds To Dan Bilzerian's Cheating Allegations

Published on May 27th, 2020 3:30 pm EST

A high profile ghosting case is making the headlines these days.It's been an interesting week or so in the poker world.

Earlier this week, Bill Perkins teased the poker public about a cheating scandal that "could be bigger" than the Mike Postle situation.

Perkins alleged that an unnamed pro had played for somebody else (who was more of a casual poker player) without letting the others in the game know. This is called "ghosting". This game had taken place on a "poker app", which is where many big cash games take place these days, thanks to the lack of rake and eyeballs on the games.

Perkins held back on giving the name of the player to the public, as he implied that there were negotiations taking place, presumably to make things right. Many in the poker community were not happy about the fact that the name of the accused was being kept from the public.

Perkins also said that Jason Koon had been offered the opportunity to play on the account but had declined due to his own ethics.


Dan Bilzerian didn't hold back, however, as he claimed (in a now-deleted Tweet) that Sina Taleb had allowed Daniel Cates to play on his account in the game. You can read the Tweet by clicking the link below.

Daniel Cates initially responded by saying that he couldn't discuss things due to "legal reasons".

Earlier today, Cates released a statement in which he responded to Daniel Bilzerian. You can read that statement by clicking the link below, which will take you to Google Docs.

Cates' defense? He thought it was clear that pros were ghosting accounts (due to the "uniquely high level of play") and that he felt it was "acceptable" for him to be playing. He said that Bill Perkins was "caught in the crossfire" and that he felt sorry for it.


Here is Cates' complete statement:

Source: Google Docs - response to Dan B


Cates ends his statement by asking for support, though many in the poker community are not giving it, for obvious reasons.


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