Published on September 26th, 2007 2:17 am EST

The King is sitting on the wall talking about poker player Friedman PrahladThere was a time when Prahlad Friedman was THE high stakes cash game player online. Back in the day, when Ultimatebet wasn't a ghost town, Friedman used to be involved in many of the high stakes, no limit hold'em cash games that went down on that site. He gave people fits, as he played an extremely aggressive and unpredictable game. He could push all-in on the river with absolutely nothing, or be holding the absolute nuts. You just never knew with Friedman, and he was very successful because of it.

Then, apparently he started tangling with some cash game players who gave him fits (most notably, Taylor "Green Plastic" Caby) and soon after, Friedman became much less of a presence in online cash games. Either his bankroll had become severly depleted, or he was spending his time honing his incredible rap skills. Whatever it was, Friedman slowly became invisible in the high stakes online cash game landscape.

This year has seen a re-emergence of Prahlad Friedman as one of the most successful cash game players online (at least at Pokerstars.) Perhaps flush with cash from his 20th place finish at the 2006 WSOP, Friedman began to dominate the 25/50 game on Pokerstars under the alias of "Poopers."

"Poopers" is one of the best cash game players on Stars, and has been regularly beating up the game this year. By all accounts, Friedman has had one of the best years in the Stars cash games out of anyone.

Next time you are thinking about taking a shot and sitting down at a cash game table that features "Poopers", you may want to "practice avoidance."


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