Daniel Negreanu Now 8.50 To Win Challenge

Published on November 26th, 2020 1:54 pm EST

The Challenge odds have now shifted back to what they were before the Challenge got underway.Prior to the heads-up battle between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu getting underway, Negreanu was roughly 8.50 to win, while Polk was a massive 1.08 favourite.

This meant that a successful $100 wager on Negreanu would have returned a total profit of $750, while a successful $100 bet on Polk would have returned..


These odds meant that Polk had implied odds of winning of well over 90%, while Negreanu was seen as having about a 11% chance of winning.

To some, Negreanu had practically no shot of winning and the 8.50 line should have been higher. To others, like Mike Matusow, Daniel Negreanu had a much better chance of winning.

Early on in the Challenge, Negreanu surprised many by how well he did against Polk.

In fact, Negreanu actually managed to take a six-figure lead at one point, which caused the odds to shift dramatically.


With Polk's Session 11 win over Negreanu, the odds have now shifted back to what they were before the Challenge got underway.

After a total of 5,067 hands, Polk now sits in the lead with a total gain of $264,019.75.

The odds to win the Challenge, according to Pokershares.com, now look like this:

Daniel Negreanu, 8.50
Doug Polk, 1.08

Negreanu backers think that Polk's lead is still relatively small (6 1/2 buy-ins) and that Negreanu would pull ahead with one good session.

Polk backers believe that Polk is the much better player (in heads-up NLHE anyways) and that his lead will only grow as the Challenge continues.


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