Things Not Looking Good For Negreanu As Challenge Carries On

Published on December 1st, 2020 12:29 pm EST

The live poker star is behind in a challenge after a Monster session.The betting markets are speaking loudly about Daniel Negreanu's chances of reversing course and pulling out a win against Doug Polk.

According to the betting markets, Daniel Negreanu has implied odds of just 7.4% of reversing his luck and defeating Doug Polk in their heads-up challenge.

Doug Polk, on the other hand, is seen as having a 96%+ chance of maintaining his lead and winning.


After some early successes, Daniel Negreanu has fallen behind Polk.

Here are the stats as of this moment:

Doug Polk, +$578,417.57

Total Hands Played: 6,227

The Challenge calls for a minimum of 12,500 hands to be played, with the loser after those hands having the option to continue for another 12,500 hands.

Here are the betting odds as of this moment, courtesy of

Daniel Negreanu, 13.50
Doug Polk, 1.04

So, a successful $100 bet on Negreanu to win would return a total profit of $1,250, while a successful $100 bet on Polk would return just $4.


The biggest session of the Challenge so far was Session 12, which is where Polk won $332,178.14 over a total of just 684 hands.

Here is what Polk had to say about it:

Here is a recap, courtesy of Doug Polk, of some of the biggest hands of the challenge so far:


Is Daniel Negreanu good enough in this format to turn things around, or will Polk cruise to a victory?


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