Polk vs Negreanu Heads-Up Challenge Turning Into a Laugher

Published on December 10th, 2020 12:27 am EST

The challenge is going very well for the online - New School - pro.Those who thought that the Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu Heads-Up Challenge would be competitive have been sorely disappointed.

After Negreanu took a six-figure lead early on in the Challenge, many people held out hope that "Kid Poker" would be able to give Polk a strong challenge, and perhaps even beat him.

Since that time, however, Negreanu has suffered setback after setback. The sessions that he has been able to win have only produced small gains, while his losing sessions are usually six-figure losses.


Roughly 9,950 hands of the Challenge have now been played, and Doug Polk is currently sitting with a gain of $957,932.57.

This came after a particularly lucky session for Polk in which he banked north of $170k.

Everything seems to be going right for Polk right now.

Not only is he outplaying Negreanu, but Polk is also getting some luck as well.

Add these up and Negreanu is getting absolutely smashed.


According to PokerShares.com, Doug Polk currently has odds of 1.02 of winning the Challenge, while Daniel Negreanu is listed at 21.00.

This means that a successful $100 wager on Polk would yield a profit of just $2, while a successful $100 bet on Negreanu would return a profit of $2,000.

In short - Negreanu has almost zero chance of winning at this point.


The first stage of the Challenge will be completed sometime over the next week, as the terms of the match called for a minimum of 12,500 hands to be played.

At that point, the losing player at the time will have the option of extending the Challenge for an additional 12,500 hands.

Negreanu seems like he will be intent on continuing the Challenge, as he recently said that he wouldn't mind playing 100,000 hands against Polk.

At this point, I'm sure that Polk would play a million hands against Negreanu.


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