Chance Kornuth Concedes After 25,400 Hands

Published on January 24th, 2021 1:31 pm EST

The host of the popular Challenge is still undefeated.Chance Kornuth just couldn't take it anymore.

After 25,400 hands of the 35,000 hand "Galfond Challenge" match against Phil Galfond, Chance Kornuth decided that he no longer had a path to victory and elected to throw in the towel.

At one point in the Challenge, Kornuth had a lead of over $340,000, and it looked as though he might be cruising towards a big upset.

The stakes were particularly high, as Kornuth would have collected an additional $1 million from Galfond had he won the "Challenge".

After that point, however, Galfond made the necessary changes and proceeded to go on a million dollar upswing.

When Kornuth conceded, he was down $726,500 and going in the wrong direction.

After losing a couple of big all-in pots during the last session of the "Challenge", Kornuth decided that he had had enough and elected to declare Galfond the winner.

As a result, Galfond will walk away with his $726,500 in winnings, as well as an additional $250,000 in side bet money from Kornuth.


Galfond remains undefeated in "Galfond Challenge" matches.

Along with Chance Kornuth, Galfond has also beaten "Venividi", "ActionFreak" and Daniel "Jungleman" Cates in a "mini Galfond Challenge".

In addition, Galfond is up over $90k in an ongoing match against Bill Perkins.


Daniel Cates and Brandon Adams are up next in the Challenge - there is no word as to which player will be up next and when that Challenge might start.

Given Galfond's results so far, neither player is likely overeager to begin.


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