Published on October 4th, 2007 8:39 am EST

wcoop winner investigation at pokerstarsPokerstars continues to investigate the winner of the WCOOP main event, "TheV0id", after suspicions of multi-accounting surfaced following the conclusion of the WCOOP main event.

Pokerstars has officially said that there is indeed an investigation ongoing at this time. Considering the fact that the investigation has been ongoing for at least four days now leads me to believe that there is a lot of meat to this story.

Whispers of possible multi-accounting arose after members of the poker community noted that "TheV0id" had never played a tournament on Pokerstars before, and had just happened to take down the biggest online tournament of the year in his/her first appearance on Pokerstars.

Speculation arose that "TheV0id" was actually the sister of a well-known pro named Mark Teltscher. Speculation ran rampant that Mark Teltscher's normal Pokerstars account and "TheV0id" had played the tournament from the same IP address. Obviously, most people suspected multi-accounting.

I am glad that Pokerstars is thoroughly investigating this matter. If the winner of the WCOOP was in fact cheating, then this will be a huge black eye for Pokerstars. However, I trust that Pokerstars will do the right thing and ban the player and re-distribute the seized funds if cheating did in fact take place, even if it does tarnish the reputation of the WCOOP.

It sounds as though Pokerstars will conclude their investigation over the next couple of days. Pokerstars is very good at communicating with the online poker community, so I am sure that they will provide us with a thorough breakdown of their findings and actions once the investigation is complete.


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