Published on October 4th, 2007 5:49 pm EST

Pokerstars logoWe wrote an article about this a few months back, but it bothers me so much, I'm writing another one.

Why do poker sites insist on protecting the privacy of people who have cheated and are banned from their sites?

If someone was caught cheating in a major online event, and I write to the support department of the poker room to get an explanation (when I played in the event), why am I told that the names of the offending parties can't be released to me?

Why is protecting their privacy so important?

In my opinion, one of the biggest steps that online poker rooms could take towards solving the problem of cheating on their sites would be to publish the identities of people who have been caught cheating on their sites.

If you are involved in the stock market and are caught defrauding the public, your name is published on the web site. Why should online poker be any different?

Some of the biggest multi-accounting offenders are "live" poker pros who will play the occasional events online. Ask them, and some will tell you that they really don't see a big problem with multi-accounting online.

In my opinion, if you catch cheaters on your site, then you should name and shame them. It really doesn't help if one cheater is caught on one site and has their identity protected, because then they can pull the same tricks on another site without detection.

Self-policing is very effective, but the poker rooms are largely taking this away by not publishing the identities of people who have been caught cheating.

The large poker rooms should really be teaming up and sharing information regarding cheaters. It would also be helpful if they published some sort of a public database containing the user names of people caught cheating, and the circumstances behind their being banned.

A people caught cheating on one site should be banned from all sites, in our opinion.

At the very least, if a paying customer wants to know the details behind a player being caught cheating, they should be told the full details of what happened.


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