Perkins Leads By $61,000 After Roughly 900 Hands

Published on June 4th, 2021 1:23 pm EST

The wealthy underdog is in a lead after two sessions of the challenge.It's still early days, though hedge fund manager Bill Perkins has jumped out to an early lead in his heads-up challenge against Landon Tice.

Perkins and Tice have now played roughly 900 hands of their 20,000 hand challenge.

After posting a small loss in their first session, Bill Perkins bounced back with a $79k win in the second session, and now leads by about $61,000.


There are still over 19,000 hands of the challenge left to be played, though remember that with each passing hand that Perkins maintains a lead, Tice will have a harder and harder time coming back to win.

Remember - Tice is spotting Bill Perkins 9 BB/100 hands, or $720,000 over the entirety of the challenge.

So, even if Tice ends up winning by $500,000, he will lose the challenge, as Perkins is being spotted $720,000.


Perkins is clearly taking this challenge seriously, as he invested in coaching and worked on his heads-up game in the lead-up to things getting underway.

Practically nobody would make the argument that Perkins is the better heads-up player, though can Tice overcome this massive handicap?

Could the much-younger Tice withstand the pressure of falling significantly behind in the challenge? Would Perkins be able to take advantage of his opponent's sloppiness if this happens?


The next session between Perkins and Tice is set to take place this Saturday.


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