Tice Conceded After Roughly 25% of Challenge

Published on July 4th, 2021 3:36 pm EST

Opponent better than expected in the latest challenge.And just like that - it's over.

Earlier this week, Landon Tice announced that he and his "team" were surrendering against Bill Perkins.

After roughly 25% of the Challenge had been completed, Tice and his backers decided that there was no reasonable path to victory, so they tossed in the towel.

If you remember, Bill Perkins was being given 9 BB/100 hands over the course of the 20,000 hand match.

This meant that Tice would have had to have won by $720,000 in order to win the Challenge.

After 4,907 hands, Tice was up over $63,000, but he was well behind the pace needed to win the Challenge.

In order to have a chance of winning the Challenge, Tice would have had to have played much more aggressively, which would have opened him and his team up to potentially significant losses.

In conceding the match, Tice said that Perkins was much better than expected.

This can't be that surprising, as Perkins had months to prepare and invested in high-level coaching to improve his heads-up game. Tice's only hope in the challenge was that Perkins wouldn't take it seriously, but that didn't happen.


According to the terms of the Challenge, Tice and his team must pay Perkins 9BB/100 for the hands that were played.

In addition, there was reportedly an undisclosed side bet between the two sides that Perkins will now receive.


Tice likely had some very smart backers that decided that Perkins was simply playing too well to be caught in the challenge, so they decided to throw in the towel before too much damage was done.

Now the poker community will turn its attention to the next high profile heads-up challenge, which will likely be Phil Galfond vs Brandon Adams in Las Vegas later this month.


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