Published on October 12th, 2007 6:03 pm EST

absolute poker issues a statement about super user accountsThrough Mark Seif's blog on Bluff Magazine, Absolute Poker has finally released an official statement. What do you think? Are you satisfied with their responses? First, here is the link to their statement:

Absolute Poker Statement

For those of you who don't want to read through the statement, here are the major points:

-they take the allegations very seriously

-they were made aware of the numerous threads online and investigated all of the suspicious hands that were posted

-they found no evidence of a "superuser" account

-they did thorough security checks, including testing their RNG and their software for any possible holes

-they said that allegations that certain players always guessed right were unfounded

-investigated the matter of the "infinite river aggression" and found that although the player was aggressive, there were instances that the player merely called and didn't either raise or fold, as had been alleged

-chip dumping did in fact take place with at least one of the accounts at issue

-the company continues to investigate, and will investigate any new allegations of wrong doing

-they feel that their game and software security has not been compromised


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