Published on October 13th, 2007 4:24 pm EST

online poker room absolute poker sinkingIn case you didn't hear, Absolute Poker finally released an official response to the entire "superuser" account matter. For those who don't know, there are many people who believe that some accounts at Absolute Poker are able to see the hole cards of the other players at the table. There is some pretty damning evidence posted on 2+2, and it seems as though most players (at least the players that I have talked to) tend to believe that there is something very fishy going on at Absolute Poker.

Anyways, Absolute Poker issued their statement, in which they said that they did a thorough, top to bottom security check and found no holes in their software and no "superuser" accounts. They continue to investigate, they said, but also said that many of the allegations are unfounded. They said that they did indeed find at least one case of chip dumping.

So a day later, what is the reaction through the poker community?

Pretty much everyone that I have talked to says that they don't believe Absolute Poker, and that they think that Absolute Poker is covering up. I think that if you surf the main poker message boards, you will find the same opinion amongst most of the players. They steadfastly believe that something shady took place, and most of them still refuse to play at Absolute.

I find the entire situation strange. I find it strange that Absolute Poker would first release a statement on a poker affiliate message board, and then release their official statement on Mark Seif's Bluff Magazine poker blog. Huh? Why couldn't they at least had a representive from their site post their statement on the main message boards such as Pocketfives and Twoplustwo.

It seems to me that they didn't want their recreational poker players to know what was going on, or else they would have posted a statement on their official site or sent out an email to all of their users, saying that the site is safe to play on.

This entire situation smells to me. At the very least, I think that Absolute handled this entire situation very poorly. If you owned a poker site, and people were making these allegations and you knew that there was nothing wrong with your site, wouldn't you be out in full force, disputing the allegations?

This is very likely the last you will ever hear from Absolute Poker regarding the "superuser" controversy, and that's just the way that they want it.


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