Published on December 7th, 2007 9:22 pm EST

prima poke network logoAbout a week ago, we covered the top cash game winners and losers on Full Tilt Poker - this week, I decided to cover the Prima Poker network. The Prima Poker Network includes a number of different sites. As usual we have gotten our data from our friends at They don't claim that their data is 100% accurate, but I think that it's pretty close.

We are covering two games: high limit No Limit Hold'em, and high limit Pot Limit Omaha.

The player who has had the best year on the network is "LrsLzk." "LrsLzk" not only topped the list for the highest earning No Limit Hold'em cash game player on Prima, but he was also the #4 earner in Pot Limit Omaha. "LrsLzk" earned an eye-popping 1.4 million in NLHE and another $120k in Pot Limit Omaha. "LrsLzk" put in 82,616 hands to earn his $1.4 million in NLHE, and another 1399 hands to earn his $120k in Pot Limit Omaha.

The biggest losers on Prima for the year? In NLHE the player with the biggest negative amount next to his name was "flyingjet2", who dropped over $1.4 million dollars on the year and contributed greatly to the high limit economy. "ferkin" was close behind, dropping $820k on the year so far, with most of his losses coming in January 2007 when he dropped almost $600k. Rounding out the top five biggest losers in NLHE for the year are Tommeh82, P__Hellmuth and preflop_x, who all dropped between $300k and $400k.

The biggest loser in Pot Limit Omaha YTD is "Undercover" and it's not even close. So far on the year, he has dropped about $520k in just 1865 hands. "Gosmos" is second on the list with a loss of about $170k. Cogaz, Sutrakama and _myst_ round out the list of the top PLO losers in 2007 on Prima.

Don't feel too bad for "Undercover" though, as he made it up at the No Limit Hold'em tables, banking over $685k in just 23 sessions. "Undercover" might want to move down a bit in limits when playing Pot Limit Omaha. Even with a crushing $520k loss in Pot Limit Omaha, "Undercover" is still up over $160k when you combine his PLO and NLHE results.

"pucylucy" had a strong year on Prima as well, cracking the top ten list in both games. "pucylucy" is the top earning Pot Limit Omaha player on the network so far in 2007, banking almost $500k. "pucylucy" is also at #4 on the list of the high earning NLHE players for the year, currently sitting with a profit of around $645k. Combine those two numbers and "pucylucy" is currently up around $1.15 million on the site so far this year.

The list of biggest PLO winners includes a familar face. "I_Knockout_U", which is Patrik Antonius's Prima Poker account, is currently up over $60k on the year, which is good for 8th place on the list.

Rounding out the list of top NLHE players on Prima in 2007, "Terken89" currently occupies the third spot with a profit of over $675k, and "Zeus1976" occupies the fifth spot with a profit of just under $620k.

Rounding out the list of top PLO players on Prima in 2007, "Tunaeatr" occupies the second position behind "pucylucy" with a profit of around $367k, "-Colossus-" has the third position with a profit of just over $200k, and "BustaHustla" currently occupies the fifth spot with a profit of around $77k.

"preflop_x" and "LrsLzk" are the two most active players in 2007, both playing more than 84,000 hands.

Source: High Stakes DB


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