Published on December 14th, 2007 4:05 am EST

European Poker Tour logoThe final table of the EPT Prague event at the Hilton Hotel in Prague of the Czech Republic is now set, with Mikael Norinder currently sitting as your chipleader with just over 1.03 million in chips.

555 people entered this event, all vying for the first place prize money of just over 700,000 euros. Second place receives just over 400k euros, and third place receives 235k euros.

32 players started Day 3, and by the end of the day, we were down to nine players. The most notable casualty from Day 3 was Marc Karam, who was eliminated in 20th place, receiving just over 12k euros for his troubles.

There was a particularly big hand during Day 3 play that we thought was worth mentioning. This comes straight from the Pokerstars blog that is covering the event:

The board was reading 9c 8c 7c 9h. Tommy Pavlicek, Juha Lauttamus and Mikael Norinder all got their chips in the middle. Norinder showed Q 9 of spades for trip nines, Pavlicek showed 9 7 of diamonds for a full house, but Lauttamus showed 5c 6c for the flopped straight flush, and he took down the massive pot. That hand in that spot is a dream come true for any poker player.

Here is the final table seating, courtesy of the Pokerstars Blog:

Seat 1 Juha Lauttamus Finland 567k

Seat 2 Kristian Kjondal Norway 740k

Seat 3 Gino Alacqua Italy 660k

Seat 4 Markus Golser Austria 352k

Seat 5 Mikael Norinder Sweden -- 1,036,000

Seat 6 Nedzib Suman Sweden 216k

Seat 7 Dagomir Palovic Slovakia -- 759k

Seat 8 Johannes Strassmann PokerStars player Germany 245k

Seat 9 Arnaud Mattern France 980k


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