Published on December 18th, 2007 9:50 pm EST

WPT - World Poker Tour logoEugene Katchalov didn't just win. He completely destroyed the final table, eliminating 4 out of the 5 players at his final table en route to the first place prize of $2.48 million. In addition to the cash, Katchalov receives a $25k seat to the 2008 WPT World Championship.

Katchalov needed only 53 hands to finish off the final table en route to victory. He entered heads-up play with a huge 5-1 chip advantage over his opponent, Ted Kearly. Katchalov won when he made a pair of 10's on a flop of 10 6 3, and Kearly pushed in holding KJ. Katchalov was holding J 10. The turn brought a Jack, and the river was a harmless 2, clinching the victory for Katchalov.

Eugene Katchalov is a 26 year old professional poker player, born in Kiev, Ukraine and hailing from Brooklyn, New York. According to Cardplayer, his biggest previous live cash was $118k at the Bellagio Cup III, plus apparently he took down a Sunday major tournament a few months ago.

It appeared as though Jordan Rich was going to cruise to victory until he got involved in a huge hand near the end of Day 5 that completely turned the momentum in Katchalov's favor. Katchalov hit top set on the flop holding pocket eights, and Rich held pocket tens. All of the chips got in the middle, Katchalov's hand stood up, and he never looked back. Katchalov turned in one of the most dominating final table performances at a major live tournament since probably Jamie Gold at the 2006 WSOP.

Ryan Daut was the first out, as he entered the final table severely short-stacked. He pushed all-in with AJ, only to be called by Ted Kearly who held pocket eights. The pocket eights turned into quad eights, and Daut was eliminated on the first hand.

Jordan Rich, once the dominating chipleader near the end of Day 5, was the next to be eliminated, as his pocket Jacks were no match for the pocket Aces of Eugene Katchalov.

Ken Rosen went out in 4th place, as he got his short stack in the middle holding A2, while Katchalov held 107. Rosen was looking good until the river drove a dagger through his heart. The dealer turned over a 10, giving Katchalov a pair and sending Rosen to the rail. He was still able to take home $433k for his efforts though.

David "Devilfish" Ulliott went out in 3rd place, another victim of the Katchalov Express. Ulliott pushed in holding A10, and Katchalov held AJ. Ulliott didn't improve, and was eliminated in 3rd place.

All in all, a very dominating performance by Katchalov as he overcame an extremely loaded field to take down his first WPT event.


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