Published on January 10th, 2008 6:08 pm EST

Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure - PCA - LogoBertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, team Pokerstars Pro and former professional video game player, just took down the 2008 PCA in the Bahamas, crushing the final table and taking down a first place prize of $2 million dollars.

For "ElkY", this is by far his biggest career cash, topping the $400k that he received for finishing second in last year's EPT Copenhagen tournament. Grospellier was crushed after losing that tournament after seemingly having it in the bag, so no doubt this victory is even more exciting for "Elky." The $2 million helps as well.

"ElkY" defeated Hafiz Khan in heads-up play after just a couple of hands. "ElkY" had the chip lead heading into heads-up action, and in the final hand, raised on the button with pocket eights. Khan decided to shove with 9-3 offsuit, "ElkY" called, and the tournament was soon over. No word as to whether or not there was a deal in place between the two players or if Khan simply made the wrong move at the wrong time.

Kris Kuykendall finished in third place, taking down $800k after his K-Q couldn't beat the A-7 of Khan. David "The Dragon" Pham was eliminated in fourth place by Grospellier after getting all of his chips in the middle after the turn holding two pair to the diamond draw and gutshot straight draw of "ElkY." A diamond came on the river and Pham was eliminated.

Craig Hopkins was eliminated in fifth place, collecting $450k, when he got all of his chips in against David Pham holding K-8 suited and Pham held pocket tens. For good measure, Pham flopped a set and eliminated Hopkins in fifth place.

Joe "bigegypt" Elpayaa went out in sixth place, collecting $300k after getting all-in with Kh-Jh against "ElkY's" AQ. The Ace-Queen held up in Elpayaa was eliminated in sixth place.

Christian "charder" Harder was eliminated in seventh place when his pocket sevens couldn't suck out on the pocket jacks of "ElkY." Harder collected $200k for his troubles. The eight place finisher was Richard Fohrenbach, who collected $150k after his pocket Jacks couldn't hold up against Grospellier's AK.

All in all, this was a very successful event for Pokerstars. The total player numbers and subsequent prize pools were well up over last year, and most people seemed to have had a good time at the event.

Congratulations to Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. "ElkY" next looks to improve on his second place finish at last year's EPT Copenhagen.


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