Published on January 14th, 2008 7:29 am EST

poker king is not impressed with the situation involving absolute poker and kahnawake gaming commissionOn Friday the KGC (Kahnawake Gaming Commission) released their final report regarding allegations of cheating at Absolute Poker and wrapped up their ten week investigation.

Many people had been hoping that "Gaming Associates" would do a thorough audit and investigation of Absolute Poker's operations and that all of the details of the audit would be included in the KGC report.

Unfortunately, the report didn't tell us much of anything. There were no real details released, except for the account ID's involved and the approximate dates that the cheating occurred. This report even said that "person(s) associated with AP's operations deleted certain gaming logs and records which had the effect of hampering the Commission's investigation."

It would have been nice to have known:

a) who deleted these records

b) who had knowledge of these records being deleted

c) what steps will be taken in the future to make sure that records are never deleted under any circumstances

d) how the "Commission" was able to finish their report and come to the conclusions that they came to with certain records having been deleted

I was hoping that the final report would contain many of the details that we had all wanted to know, including:

a) exactly who was behind the cheating

b) how exactly they cheated

c) exactly how much did the cheating accounts profit

d) who else knew about the "super-user" accounts

e) in terms that anyone could understand, how did these "super-user" accounts work

f) what exactly will be done to ensure that this won't happen again

g) who was found to be responsible, and who was subsequently fired

A 3 1/2 page report isn't going to cut it. I wanted names. I wanted details. I wanted severe punishments.

A $500k fine? A two year security deposit of an unknown amount? Random audits? Absolute Poker presumably rakes $500k every couple of days, I wouldn't exactly call that a "severe penalty."

I just think that the whole thing is laughable. I have no confidence in the investigative process that the KGC undertook, and zero confidence in their findings. Just my opinion. I think that there is much, much more to this story that will never be told.


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