Published on February 2nd, 2008 6:30 pm EST

European Poker Tour logoMichael "Timex" McDonald overcame a field of 411 players that was loaded with talent to take down the EPT Dortmund for a total haul of just over 933k euros. Andreas Gulunay came in second for 528k, and Torsten Haase came in third for 307k.

The field was slightly smaller than last year but the buy-in was larger, creating a total prize pool of 3.16 million euros that was substantially larger than last year's tournament.

Another name at the final table that is well-known to many, Christian "charder" Harder, finished in 8th place for 85.5k euros.

The final hand of the tournament saw Andreas Gulunay holding 10 7 and McDonald holding A K. The flop came K J 7. Gulunay checked, "Timex" bet 120k, Gulunay raised and McDonald called. The turn was the King of clubs, giving McDonald trips and leaving Gulunay drawing dead. Gulunay bet out again and McDonald called. The river was the deuce of hearts, Gulunay pushed all-in and McDonald insta-called for the win.

This is McDonald's second win in just a couple of weeks, as he also took down the Pokerpro No Limit Hold'em championship at the Aussie Millions for $34k. Not bad for an 18 year old.

Many of these players will now be heading over to Denmark to play in the EPT Scandinavian Open (EPT Copenhagen) which runs from February 19th to February 23rd. The buy-in for this tournament is approximately 6700 pounds with a cap of 500 players.

Congratulations to "Timex", who has had an absolutely amazing start to 2008.


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