Published on February 10th, 2008 10:26 pm EST

full tilt logo on a green background - pokerIf you ask yourself the question, "Who are the best No Limit Hold'em cash game players in the world?", whose names would pop into your head? Probably Phil Ivey. Patrik Antonius. Would the Dang brothers be near the top of that list? In my opinion, if they aren't, then they should be.

If you have ever railed the high stakes No Limit Hold'em cash games on Full Tilt Poker, then you are probably familiar with "Urindanger" and "Trex313". Most of the time, these two accounts will just be sitting alone at a high stakes table, waiting for a game. There is a reason why they usually don't find any takers; most opponents are afraid to play them.

The reason that I like both "Urindanger" and "Trex313" is that they will play practially anyone at anytime. "Trex313" has had a couple of battles with Phil Ivey this month, and has come out ahead. If you are willing to fearlessly take on Phil Ivey in heads-up, $500/$1000 action, then it is safe to say that you will take on anyone.

The "Urindanger" account is played by Di Dang, and "Trex313" is played by his brother, Hac Dang. Both brothers are extremely talented cash game players, especially heads-up. They are millionaires multiple times over, and show no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

"Trex313" is currently perched atop the list of highest earnings No Limit Hold'em players on Full Tilt Poker in the month of February with a total gain of $489k. Much of this came at the hands of Phil Ivey a few nights ago. Ivey is currently sitting with a total loss of $154k on the month. February has not been a good month for Ivey, as he is also currently sitting on a loss of $181k playing Pot Limit Omaha in February.

Genius28 has also surprisingly booked a $213k loss for the month of February. This is surprising because "Genius28" seemingly never loses. "Genius28" is another fearless player who will play against anyone, and has had a couple of nosebleed sessions with Phil Ivey so far in February.

If you want to see some great No Limit Hold'em play, then my advice would be to watch either Dang brother in action. That is, if anyone will give them a game while you are watching.


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