Published on February 11th, 2008 5:30 am EST

Full Tilt Online Poker Series - The King is reportingErick Lindgren just took down FTOPS Event #9 for a total haul of $291k. This event was the $1 million dollar Guaranteed, $300+$22 No Limit Hold'em tournament. 5637 people ended up registering and playing in this tournament, making for a prize pool of almost $1.7 million dollars.

From what I can see, this is the first time that a FTP sponsored pro has taken down a FTOPS event. Not only that, but Erick Lindgren was also the "host" of the event.

Lindgren was not the most hospitable of hosts, as he dominated most of the final table. At one point (I believe six-handed), Lindgren had more chips than the rest of the table combined.

When it got down to three-handed action, "Kochan" took the lead and started pressuring Lindgren, re-raising almost every hand that Lindgren opened for a raise. Lindgren, who had been absolutely dominating the final table earlier without too much resistance, was now suddenly on the defensive.

"No Woman No Cry" went out in third place for $113k when he called the all-in move of "Kochan" holding Ace-Queen. "Kochan" was holding 8-6 of spades, flopped an open-ended straight draw, and then hit a lucky river when the 8 of diamonds came, eliminating "No Woman No Cry" from the competition.

"Kochan" entered heads-up play with a chip lead of 9.12 million to Lindgren's stack of 7.78 million. However, the tournament was over in four hands.

The hand of the tournament came when "Kochan" raised pre-flop and Lindgren called. The flop came Q 6 6. "Kochan" bet, Lindgren re-raised, and "Kochan" pushed all-in. Lindgren insta-called with his trip 6's (he held K 6), while "Kochan" held A Q. The turn and river brought no help for "Kochan", and he was severely crippled.

The final hand of the tournament came just two hands later when "Kochan" was dealt a particularly rough bad beat. Lindgren limped in the SB with pocket jacks and "Kochan" pushed all-in holding pocket Queens. Lindgren snap-called the short-stacked "Kochan", surely thinking that he was well ahead in the hand.

The flop brought a Queen, and "Kochan" was well ahead with his set. However, Lindgren held the Jack of diamonds, and the flop brought two diamonds. The turn and the river were also diamonds, and Lindgren took down the event for just under $300k.


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