Published on February 18th, 2008 6:13 am EST

poker king holding a microphone and reporting on the latest full tilt - ftops - event"Reverse" bested FTP pro Thomas Wahlroos in heads-up action to take down the FTOPS VII Main Event title and over $450k in cash.

The final hand of the tournament came after "Reverse" had taken a 3-1 chiplead heads up. Thomas Wahlroos pushed with K9 of diamonds, and "Reverse" called holding A5 of clubs.

The flop came 5 10 2, giving "Reverse" a pair. The turn was a 6 and the river was a 2, giving "Reverse" the victory and the FTOPS title.

5291 people registered to play in this tournament, creating a total prize pool of over $2.6 million dollars.

Here is how the final table broke down:

"Deucebuster" went out in ninth place for $34k after pushing in, short-stacked, holding 6/7 of diamonds. With the blinds at 60k/120k and 15k antes, his opponent had an easy call in the BB for just 215k more holding A/6. The flop brought a gutshot straight draw for "Deucebuster", but the turn and river brought no help and he was out in ninth.

"loosebigpots" went out in eighth place for $46k. He got his short stack all-in with Q9 of spades against the pocket tens of Thomas Wahlroos. The flop came 2 8 3 with two spades, giving "loosebigpots" a number of outs to win the hand, but the turn and river brought two red sevens, and he went out in eighth place.

"Brundaddy" went out in seventh place, after he got his AK offsuit all-in against the pocket Kings of Thomas Wahlroos. The flop brought 3 2 2, and the turn brought a scary 5 of clubs, giving "Brundaddy" a gutshot straight draw and a flush draw. The river was a brick, and the pocket kings of Wahlroos held up.

"fishforfight" went out in 6th place after pushing his short-stack all-in holding the 3/4 of hearts. "Reverse" called holding KJ. The flop buried "fishforfight", giving "Reverse" a pair of jacks and the flush draw. "fishforfight" didn't get a miracle runner-runner, and he went out in 6th place for 78k.

"NICOFAB" went out in fifth place for 104k. His demise was particularly heart-wrenching. "Reverse" tried to bully the smaller stack by pushing all-in holding Q-4 offsuit. "NICOFAB" made a great call, holding K9. The flop brought the dagger in two Queens, and "NICOFAB" went out in fifth place.

"aconsuma" went out in fourth place for $139k after getting all of his chips in the middle holding A-10 offsuit. "aconsuma" had a respectable stack before this hand and this was a big pot. Thomas Wahlroos woke up to yet another pocket pair of tens, and his hand held up, even though the turn gave "aconsuma" more outs in the form of a gutshot straight draw.

Three-handed, FTP suffered an embarrassing outage on their site, causing the tournament to be paused for a few minutes.

"Mosespoker" went out in third place for $177k after making a grave error and pushing his 3-5 offsuit into the waiting pocket Jacks of "Reverse". "Mosespoker" was the short-stack but he probably wishes that he had picked a better spot. The pocket Jacks held up and the FTOPS was now headsup between "Reverse" and Thomas Wahlroos.


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