Published on February 20th, 2008 12:44 am EST

Full Tilt Poker - Company LogoAfter getting off to a weak start in February, Phil Ivey has come roaring back and is now sitting on healthy profits in both Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Hold'em for the month on Full Tilt Poker.

Before today, Ivey was down approximately $473k in the high stakes NLHE games on FTP so far in February. "seda1", an opponent he has tangled with quite regularly recently, was up approximately $220k. This was all about to change.

The two played a couple of sessions on Tuesday. Phil Ivey completely dominated, and when the game was over, he left with a stack of over $800k. He bought in for $200k total ($100k to start, $100k reload), and took the other $600k off of "seda1". The two were battling on their usual $500/$1000 "Ivey Deathmatch" Table on Full Tilt Poker.

The last hand of the match came when the two players got all in on a board of K 6 T 7 with two clubs. Ivey held K-J for top pair, and "seda1" held the 3-4 of clubs for the flush draw. The river was the ace of diamonds and Ivey won the $273k pot. "seda1" was busted, having just dropped $600k to Ivey over a few short hours.

A few other big pots from the session:

Ivey and "seda1" get all-in on a board of K 6 2 7. Ivey holds 6/7 offsuit for a turned two pair, and "seda1" holds A-K for top pair. The river is a harmless 8 of diamonds, and Ivey wins the $284k pot.

With the board reading 6 8 J 3 with two diamonds, Ivey bets out for $39k. "seda1" re-raises to 163k, Ivey comes over the top for $287k and "seda1" calls for 6500 more. Ivey has pocket Aces and "seda1" holds the J-7 of hearts for top pair. The river is the nine of clubs and Ivey takes down the $384k pot.

"Seda1" with a big pot this time. With the board reading 3 J 3 5 with two hearts, the two players get all of their chips in the middle, creating a $254k pot. Ivey has 5-7 of hearts for a pair and a flush draw, and "seda1" has A-2 for the gutshot straight draw and nut flush draw. The river is the 6 of hearts, and "seda1" takes down the $254k pot.

Ivey and "seda1" get all of their chips in the middle after a flop of 9 4 8 with two clubs. Ivey shows 9-7 offsuit for top pair, and "seda1" shows the Q-5 of clubs for a flush draw. The turn is the King of hearts, and the river is the ten of diamonds, and Ivey takes the $197k pot.

These two players normally cross book 1k/2k, meaning that the stakes were actually double the $500k/$1k that they were playing at. So in actuality, Ivey likely won $1.2 million dollars today instead of $600k. Whoever "seda1" is would have had to have paid an additional $600k to Ivey after this session, if they had indeed been cross-booking.

Ivey also got off to a slow start in February playing high stakes Pot Limit Omaha but came roaring back in that game as well, having a couple of particularly good sessions against "Ziigmund" and "durrrr". As mentioned, Ivey now has a healthy profit in both PLO and NLHE so far in February after a very cold start.

People are trying to figure out the identity of "seda1". Ivey has said that he won't reveal who "seda1" is, but the two players obviously know each other. It is clear that the two players are speaking on the phone during their match. Ivey knows exactly when "seda1" is going to be at the tables and immediately left once "seda1" busted. Many people seem to think that "seda1" is Barry Greenstein. I would be very surprised if this was true, as "seda1" doesn't seem to be a particularly strong or tricky player.

I am sure that the two players will square off again soon, and when they do, we'll give you another update.


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